Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Woe is me

I'm home sick today. Sick sick sick. My head feels like an over-extended balloon, every time I swallow it's like a firing squad between my ears, and my nose-like a faucet without an 'off' switch. Grossed out? Well, so am I.

After spending my Monday, sick as a dog and running after three kids I decided to stay home today, alone. My only company my still un-watched Harry Potter, my stack of photos and photo albums, some toe nail polish, and this here box of tissue.

I looked outside this morning to see what to dress the kids in, and witnessed something very tragic. Five fallen maple leaves scattered on my deck. It's here, it's coming-Fall. I don't necessarily dislike Fall, it's what follows that scares me. A long, gray, rainy, winter. I'm a summer girl, a sun girl, a no need to fight with Sean over the thermostat girl. Woe. Is. Me. Tomorrow, when I'm hopefully done popping Sudafed, and Thera-Flu I will begin a winter vitamin regime of Vitamin D so that the people around me, will continue to want to be around me.

Not all is lost. All our beloved shows will soon be starting, we'll read more books, play more games with the kids and according to Costco whose shelves are already stocked with Christmas cards, ribbons, & gifts...we can start decorating.

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