Monday, November 11, 2013

impromptu & important

last week, my grandma sent out an email that her beach condo was open for veterans day weekend. we haven't been in...i might say years? we used to go quite a bit. but life just seems to somehow get busier, and the kids get more involved in sports and leaving for a weekend seems well, hard. 

we decided to hell with hard, and 15 hours later than i'd hoped we hit the road. i must admit, i was a bit grumpy at first. after a long week, i spent my friday night doing laundry and packing and it once again felt like more work than it was worth. but saturday morning, once we were beach bound, those feelings gradually melted away.

there is something so awesome about hitting the road with just our little family. we are on our own time, nobody to answer to but us and every once in a while when life get's busy as it has for us lately... to take the time to reconnect is healing. for me, not being at home is the best way for me to spend quality time with my family unit because there, i notoriously find something to do. whether it be laundry, or some painting project.

so this weekend we played games. we read books. we watched movies. we played football on the grass. we walked and explored on the beach. the kids swam in the pool. we ate out, a lot. there was no 'just a minute's' and 'i'll be right there's' or 'i'll just do this, and then we can's'. it was whatever we felt like doing, exactly when the mood hit us. it's a treat, and something that doesn't happen too much.

it was wonderful. all of it but that one little incident where ian gave alex a bloody nose at 9pm from flailing around in bed. that was not cool. but otherwise, simply lovely. 

Sean taught the kids how to play cribbage

we were silly

we searched for whales

Sean ran drills with Ian

we found weird things on the beach

we skipped

and got our feet wet

because we were on our own, we had to set the timer for family pictures

sometimes it worked out

and didn't

we had so much fun, i impromptu took monday off and we stayed another night.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


halloween is always so much fun. the perfect excuse to throw all caution to the wind, wear weird stuff, eat a lot of garbage, say HELL NO to homework and a chance to pretend to stab your angel sister in the chest and get away with it.