Monday, April 27, 2009

We've gooooone and dun it.

You've got it folks, we've gone and dun it. Maybe against popular vote, maybe we are gluttons for punishment or suckers, and maybe we've tipped the hat on our already full plate here but it's true. We are now 'Kolmer, party of five'.

Let me introduce to you Chip. He's approximatley 60lbs, although he still considers himself a lap dog. We adopted him from a shelter in Hood River over the weekend. They believe he's half boxer and half Border Collie.

I'm not quite sold on his name, and instead have taken to calling him 'Dog', or 'Shelter Puppy'. He has a bit of a shaky background which has made it all the more rewarding during this adoption process. He was bought for a farm in Odell, OR to be a guard dog. He was never given a name, never allowed indoors, and was never fed. Him and his farm buddy Dakota were left to their own devices which explains 3 healing wounds he has due to a run in with a goose. The local police ended up fining the farm owners and instead of paying the fees for animal neglect they turned both dogs in to a nearby shelter.

He's spent the last 3 weeks in a foster home, learning how to be a real dog. He knows his commands, sit, down, off and is great at coming when called. You can tell he is so eager to please and is truly such a sweet boy.

I'm happy to say I've had just two anxiety attacks so far! I have that feeling when you realize your having another baby and you get that wave of 'OH MY GOSH, the responsiblity! WHAT HAVE WE DONE!?!? Last night I found a dog hair on the cutting board and a wave of panic washed over me and I wondered if I could truly handle this 'dog hair sitch'. "I think I can I think I can!" My Dyson will be working overtime I'm sure, and truly all I do is clean up around here so really I figure 'what's new'?

Enjoy some pics of our new family member!

Don't mind me, making myself right at home on this here Pottery Barn chair.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Generation to Generation

We just had an amazingly fun Easter weekend. For the first year, Alex enjoyed dying eggs and Ian was able to participate in the egg hunt. I was able to explain to Alex that above the eggs, the candy and the special gift left by the Easter Bunny...the weekend and family time spent together was to celebrate the birth of our Jesus Christ. I had some 'full circle' moments the last few days, as Oprah might say.

For the first year, I held Easter dinner at my house. I felt both the joy and the burden of that. The joy of entertaining family in my home and having my grandparents gush over how well I've decorated. What great work I've done...And being able to take that responsibility from them and now my own Parents. Also the burden of the cleaning, the organizing and the 'how am I going to seat 20 people' at my Fred Meyer clearance dining room table. We made do.

Another amazing realization I had is regarding the two below photos. One of my favorite pastimes and the reason for both this blog and the massive amount of pictures I send out is looking through my mom's old photographs. In nearly each book, there is a picture of myself, my sisters and all my cousins all lined up on the couch like sardines. Usually the couch was orange/brown crushed velvet and the youngest was always trying to make a mad dash. We were always happy, happy to be together, happy to be young. Oh them's were the days.

So here they are. The next generation, all lined in a row. We are missing Caden here but surely there are many more of these to come, I'm just a bit disappointed that the couch isn't a little more obnoxious...for old times sake.

Ava 4 & Isabella 5, Alex 4 (almost), Ian 1 1/2, & Jake 11. I feel so fortunate to be so close to my Aunt who's kids are near in age to mine. Everytime we get together which is not often enough, these kids just have a blast.

The bad news is, I may need a new couch as the brood is growing. Here's me & Kayelyn snuggling up with the new baby on the way. I can't wait to meet him! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and was able to enjoy time with loved ones. In trying times such as these, it's all that matters.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Day at the Zoo...or not.

I'm going to take this opportunity on this cloud filled day where we are expected to see hail, thunder showers and not a spec of blue above to talk about the sun and warmness. Oh how I love thee.

Two weeks ago, Oregon witnessed a miracle of sorts. 2-3 days of cloud free, rain free, awesome'ness.

It was in the 70's for DAYS. It was seriously a big deal. After a long, dreary, depressing winter I think the entire Portland Metropolitan area was ecstatic. People were mowing their yards, washing their cars, filling parks and WAIT FOR IT......wearing shorts.

The Kolmers were not any different this lovely weekend. I dug out short sleeves, even applied sunscreen to the kids and could literally feel my inner self awaking from the dead. For those of you that don't know I suffer from this annoying little thing called SAD and truly, that's what it makes me. SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder strips me of my spunk, my motivation and makes me hella tired. My body, my soul and my entire being thrive in sun and warm climate. So let's just say I was a happy momma this weekend.

We decided to take the kids and my nephew Caden to the Zoo. Little did I know that everyone and I mean EVERYONE would have the same idea. As we approached the parking lot that was marked with a "LOT FULL" sign, we knew we were in for it. You had to park a mile away, stand in line for a shuttle to be dropped off and stand in ANOTHER line that circled the parking lot. UH...NO. Sean and I looked at each other with the same plea of 'Please, no.' I turned to face the three giddy faces in the back that had been promised all morning of this trip and asked them how they felt about going to the park instead. I waited for an onslaught of cries, and whines, and 'I wanted to see the PENGUINS's', but it didn't happen. They all kinda looked at each other and with their toddler understanding and silent communication they all cheered. YEAH! It was settled. We headed to the Washington Park Play structure and had a great time. Later we took the kids home and made them help wash cars....It was a great day.