Monday, April 27, 2009

We've gooooone and dun it.

You've got it folks, we've gone and dun it. Maybe against popular vote, maybe we are gluttons for punishment or suckers, and maybe we've tipped the hat on our already full plate here but it's true. We are now 'Kolmer, party of five'.

Let me introduce to you Chip. He's approximatley 60lbs, although he still considers himself a lap dog. We adopted him from a shelter in Hood River over the weekend. They believe he's half boxer and half Border Collie.

I'm not quite sold on his name, and instead have taken to calling him 'Dog', or 'Shelter Puppy'. He has a bit of a shaky background which has made it all the more rewarding during this adoption process. He was bought for a farm in Odell, OR to be a guard dog. He was never given a name, never allowed indoors, and was never fed. Him and his farm buddy Dakota were left to their own devices which explains 3 healing wounds he has due to a run in with a goose. The local police ended up fining the farm owners and instead of paying the fees for animal neglect they turned both dogs in to a nearby shelter.

He's spent the last 3 weeks in a foster home, learning how to be a real dog. He knows his commands, sit, down, off and is great at coming when called. You can tell he is so eager to please and is truly such a sweet boy.

I'm happy to say I've had just two anxiety attacks so far! I have that feeling when you realize your having another baby and you get that wave of 'OH MY GOSH, the responsiblity! WHAT HAVE WE DONE!?!? Last night I found a dog hair on the cutting board and a wave of panic washed over me and I wondered if I could truly handle this 'dog hair sitch'. "I think I can I think I can!" My Dyson will be working overtime I'm sure, and truly all I do is clean up around here so really I figure 'what's new'?

Enjoy some pics of our new family member!

Don't mind me, making myself right at home on this here Pottery Barn chair.


Anonymous said...

good looking pup!

Katie said...

Oh my, love, love him! I'm sure there will be days that you wish you could send him back but the good days where you are rewarded with kisses and undying loyalty truly out number the others. Congratulations on the newest member of your family - can't wait to see the resulting blog posts!

Tasha said...

Wooo Hooo. You thought the days of taking care of poop finished when you potty trained Ian... Welcome to another realm of a love and hate relationship. He is so stinkin cute. Can't wait for Norm to hump him to show his dominance :)

Fleming Family Fiasco said...

Congratulations!!! What a wonderful story. I'm so glad you adopted your dog - he seems like such a sweetheart. There are MANY times when I get so frustrated with the dog hair and dog poop that I want to scream but then I see Reagan chasing Boz all over the house and trying to give him love that it makes it all worth it.