Thursday, February 9, 2012

another chicklet gone and I think Alex is now carrying more cash than me.

Alex lost her 6th tooth this week. It's official. She has more cash in her wallet than I do. 

My glorious week explained in photos and videos. (Sarcasm is present in this message)

So, Sean was lucky enough to piggy back a work trip to DC and attend his brother's engagement party last week. I was not jealous AT ALL and really not resentful of this, AT ALL. I was however, very happy he could make it as we are both so thrilled for the exciting year his brother and adorable fiance' have ahead of them.

The timing was not ideal as I was heading into my 'close' period at work. For those of you 'non accountants' or finance guru's. This is basically the week where you don't see the light of day and go cross eyed from number over-dose. For me it's the day I curse my decision to obtain my finance degree and solemnly swear to buy a lottery ticket. Plus, five days with no backup on the kid front can be a long 5 days anyway. To all the single mom's and dad's in the world. I salute.

Both kids thought this perfect timing to get sick. Ian with an ear infection, and Alex with bronchitis. With three combined days at home during this 'week where I shouldn't see the light of day and go cross eyed from number over-dose' I found myself working well into the night while the kids were asleep and managing the best I could in between catering to their very demanding sick needs. It was super fun. And boy did I ever just have a positive attitude about it all.

Here we have an example of any number of moments on my day home with Ian who had a fever and clearly was making it super easy for me to focus and accomplish any work.

We did manage to have a bit of fun amidst the chaos while Sean was gone. 

Who knew how much fun playing with TP rolls could be?

Alex got a haircut

Ian blew mom's mind knowing where all the states belong.

Gage eyes me, eying his ice cream at John's Incredible Pizza.