Tuesday, September 2, 2014

the little big things

i haven't blogged in months. and months. and life is flying by and there are all these moments i think 'i should blog this', and 'this is worth remembering'. but there is something also to be said about just living life and being in the moment without the pressure of documentation. i'm horrible at it. i like to photograph it and see it all thru a lens so later I can see it in a frame. i like to write it all down, so one day my kids (when they are off having their own babies) can see their childhood from my perspective and maybe it will help them. just a little.

so that's what i've been off doing. living this awesome life. it's a crazy busy life. and sometimes feels too much, but it's just a whole lot of good being squished into too little time.

today was the first day of 2nd and 4th grade for my not so littles. and after weeks of prep and planning to tackle yet another school year with all the right supplies, and the sports calendar figured out, and the logistics of two full time jobs and two more than full time kids, and soccer and work commitments, my amazing hubs texted me this:

and for this momma...who spelled 'school' wrong yesterday, and showed up to work today with my belt all twisted up and mascara on just one eye this means the world. because even tho I REALLY DON'T HAVE IT TOGETHER, someone thinks I kinda do. so i'm saving this one. because it's such a little thing, but oh so big to me.

i really couldn't want for anything more in my life than this guy, and these two.


Jessica Spencer said...

LOVE THIS! It wouldn't be right without the crazy. You guys make a pretty rad team. xo

Grandma JoAnne said...

Love you guys...