Wednesday, May 20, 2015

sharts are real

oh hi blog!

ian was super sick this week. the sickest he's ever been. he's been my healthy kid, my 'oh he's just got the sniffles' kid. so when he went down with a violent stomach bug this week it sort of threw us all for a loop.

a fever reaching 104, diarrhea, vomiting,  lethargy, not eating for days, calls to the doctor. we did more laundry than we've ever done and spent multiple nights in a row hovering over his withering little hot body while he breathed heavily in and out and every so often needed us to hold a bucket for him. we listened to him wail that he was clearly dying, and his intestines were burning him alive from the inside. it was all very dramatic and awful. 

he was so feverish and so dehydrated and spent the night speaking gibberish of the boy with the red boots running too fast, and the thief that was stealing from him! he'd open his eyes and they'd roll around in his head and he'd mumble 'it was the bus mom, the ants are on the bus'.

i'm not gonna lie, i slept less than I do with an infant during those early days where you stare wide eyed at your little person with your hand resting gently on their chest to ensure they are still breathing.

sean and i alternated 'working from home' which is near impossible to do when you have a sick child. and i think i was the winner when my 'in the office day' landed on the 'take ian to the doctor day'. sean had to literally carry his body around and later...he had to retrieve a stool speciman and 'carry' that back to the doctor. i knew this with a text that said, 'en route to doctor with speciman'. these are things you do when your a parent.

yesterday, he took a turn for the better. his fever went down, we managed to keep some crackers and juice in him...and he started cracking jokes again.

once, he called me from the bathroom (which is typical of the last week) and yelled, 'Mom, can you come wipe my butt! and then he said 'AND THE WALL' which had you been a fly on our wall over the past 72 hours you'd know that was not completely out of the realm of possibilities as one day in particular there was bodily fluids on the floor, walls, doors, and shower walls. 

so I went running. and as he sat there...frail and peaked and with dark circles under his eyes he weakly said...'kidding mom'.

today, he argued we should get out of this house and 'see the world' as he hasn't seen it in WEEKS! and that maybe we should go to Target to get him some new lego's as he's watched FAR too much tv this week.

So we think he's on the mend, and back to his normal turdish little self. In fact, he's just now singing ' hit me with your best shot' and requesting a 'hungry man' for dinner.