Monday, June 29, 2009

7 Years and counting...

Sean and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary on June 29th. We got a babysitter, went out and enjoyed a quiet dinner and than paid an obscene amount of money to see a movie. We probably paid $5 to see a movie when we first began and now, 11 years later we had to practically take out a second mortgage on our house to see a flick.

Regardless, it was a great night. We saw 'The Hangover' which is superbly hilarious (if you like this kind of thing, which we do). We laughed incessantly, and left with sore faces.

I think I'll take this opportunity to say that after 7 years, I'd still say 'I do'. Sean and I (i think) are the best darn teammates in this ride we call life. We love our little family, and we love love each other. I'm very proud of us, I'm proud of the kids we are raising and the life we are leading. I'm proud that each year we grow and learn about each other, I'm proud that we still have a hell of a lot of fun together even on a weekend where the highlight is cleaning up vomit, and I'm just so darn proud he's my husband.

To many more years, and to many more memories. Happy Anniversary Sean!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Breathe

So, two weekends ago (i think) I've lost track... we went to the Rose Festival on a Friday night to hear one of my co-workers play. As we were walking down to the waterfront with kids in tow a man across the street from us was blaring his boom box. He walked the four blocks one street across from us and we enjoyed his music, and laughed, and felt like we were in some sort of movie. Sean said, 'This is so sweet, it's what it would feel like to have your own theme music'. Kind of like Entourage or something, we obviously weren't as cool with our stroller and snack bag, and sippy cups being thrown into the street. But close enough right? I always kind of have a theme song, a song I play incessantly to get me through. Right now it's Anna Nalick's 'Just Breathe'. Take a's a goodie. It's helping me through right now as I sort of feel like I'm running this marathon and my legs are really cramping and they are tired and I can no longer take a deep breath, but if I stop running...I'll never get going again.

We've been very busy the last few weeks. We've had birthdays galore, Alex turned 4, and Sean 31! Family events, a yard to get in shape, a body I am REALLY trying to get back in shape, a baby shower to organize, a million and one things to do at work, a dog to walk and apparently a floor I now have to sweep each night thanks to both Chip Chip/his damn black hairs, and Ian our resident food flinger.

I'm in the midst of fiscal close at work which has been intense and brain numbing in fact, today I believe I was talking to myself or God in the car thanking him for sparing me an anxiety attack I was sure to hit at any moment today. I then proceeded to write a list while driving home with tasks like put 7 loads of laundry away, order a carpet cleaning service, blog the kids funnies, make dentist appointments, pay our bills, and oh yeah...breathe. I also included 'mail thank you notes' even though I had already done that so I could immediately cross it off because that just makes me feel like I'm being productive.

Due to my hectic work schedule, Sean stayed home with the kids Monday. I came home to two amazingly happy kids who had spent a lovely day at the zoo. Alex ran up to me and said, 'Mom, I had the GREATEST day'. I was so happy. Happy the were happy, happy to be home, and happy dinner was on the table and I didn't make it. Then I got sad. I got sad because they don't run to Sean on Monday afternoons with that sort of excitement! No, 'DAD, we had the best day today' Why? Because I spend those days running errands, grocery shopping, doing laundry and cleaning house. What fun for them eh? All part of my master plan to live more often in the moment and make each moment with them fun. Trying always to find that perfect life balance that seem so hard to master. It always seems that succeeding in one aspect of life results in a slip in another. Well, somethings gotta go because, apparently I'm no fun.

So with that, here I am blogging the kids funnies. Because when I'm done, I get to cross that one off my list too!

Recently, in true Alex fashion (who is a walking accident) she began to cry and when asked what was wrong she replied, 'Mommy, I stubbed my eye'. Really? I died laughing, how do you stub your eye...truly.

Her and I were in Target last week and while perusing the garden section, we happened upon a yard gnome. She asks, 'Mom, is that god?' HaHa, no sweetie. It is not.

Tonight at dinner, I asked Ian to finish his peas. He replied, 'Why?'. That alone cracks me up that he gets this concept already. A few seconds later after nobody answered him he said, 'Cuz?'

Ian is saying SO MUCH all of a sudden. He's stringing two and three words together. He still refers to Alex as Ack. This new found vocabulary is making him very particular. He's able to tell me now that he'd like his drink on the couch while he watches a show and he doesn't want his 'buddy' but his blanket with his meal. Tonight he wandered around asking for Pop Pop and his boat. While most kids learn a word like 'no' and use it, always. Ian really understand when No or Yes will work to his benefit. He understands that when asked if he'd like to sit in time out for hitting, he says 'Yes', and then he'll march over to that bottom step of the stairs, sit down, say 'sowry', and then say 'Agin'? Which means, he'd like to try again.

Both kids have jumped right on board with Chip's training and tell him to Sit, Wait, Down, & Treat? They both take it very seriously...and I do believe Chip listens first to Sean, then to Alex, Ian and finally myself. He's quickly learned I'm the pushover in the family. He's chewed up a sippy cup, a multitude of stuffed animals, my new lounge chair, one pair of expensive Stride Rite shoes, and the kids swimming pool. Oh, and the inside of our tent. He's had worms, and is now being treated for Mites and has now cost us enough to prevent Sean from golfing ever, this summer. And because we bought a horrifically expensive dog de-shedding comb that clearly DOES NOT WORK, I've revoked Sean's coffee shop expenditures. No need for 'I told you so's'. We love him nonetheless. For now.

It's really no wonder I was caught digging through the cart of clearance booze this last weekend at Safeway, going home with two $4.20 bottles of martini wine things...that were 75% off last marked price and earning the nickname 'Boones' by Sean. We do what we can to survive.