Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I can't even believe it. still.

so, last week. in a rush. I decided to upload some of the kids pictures from their first soccer game. I was 'click click clicking', paying a bill in one window, uploading photos in another, checking my facebook on another, and ordering some swimsuits online on yet another.  in my normal frenzy, i was doing too many things at once.

and I screwed up big.

i deleted some file that held and stored all the photos posted to my blog and now they are gone. forever.

when i realized what happened, and did the proper research to believe that really truly they were gone and my blog was dead and the world might as well end i clicked 'close' and haven't been back since.

so today i took a peek and they still aren't there.

and i'm not sure what to do.

i don't know if i should ignore it and never come back. one day when my kids are 14 and 16 maybe I'll send them the link telepathically because by then, there won't be phones or computers, we will just have to think things and they will happen. they can read it if they want, or not. then i'll watch them (on the built in camera's all kids will have surgically embedded in their frontal lobes by then) tell their friends how both lame and stupid their mom is for a)worrying about a blog and b)accidentally deleting all the photos of their childhood.

or, i come up with some sort of plan to find them all on my old computer, new computer, and various external hard drives laying around and eventually someday upload them. all WHILE, catching up on the last 6 months I haven't written about.


so for anyone that comes here. and you wonder what those big black boxes are with the nasty exclamation mark proclaiming, 'carrie, you are a royal idiot' and 'why did you push OK, when you should have pushed CANCEL?' that's the story.

i may be back, i may not. after i work through my feelings of loss and despair i may lift myself up by my bootstraps and keep on keepin' on.

until then, black boxes of stupid pronunciations. you are dead to me.