Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Da Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu BATMAN!

Maybe we've been super busy with summer events, weddings, and mini weekend trips. Maybe, I have a heavy mind and heart regarding work and life, or maybe I just have been feeling a bit 'un-bloggy' but I realize I have missed the documentation of many things the past few weeks and months. I started this blog with the sole purpose of removing the pang of guilt I have over not writing in the kids baby books, and over not saving their first lock of curls, and not finding the time to artistically organize their photos into a lovely keepsake scrapbook like I did for Alex her first year.

So now that the clouds are rolling in and the rain is imminent, I hereby vow to funnel my seasonal depression into a number of winter projects. First and foremost keeping up on this blog, that I swear I will one day bind into a lovely book for my kids that will either be a successful form of birth control, or will give them an insight into parenthood and their mom that no photo album could. I also plan to make a first year scrapbook for Ian so that one day as most 2nd or 3rd children do (not sure what he'll be) he cannot complain that he was left out, or I didn't treat him the same, or that GASP I don't love him as much because I didn't labor for hours over an over priced album filled with over-priced paper and stickers. I JUST WON'T HAVE THAT. My 3rd and final goal for this winter, is to stop and breathe. I've come to realize I'm always moving too fast, I'm always focused on the next event or project, or PLAN. And apparently, my kids are growing up faster than I can write about it. So this fall, and this winter I'm going to make experiences for them, and us, and me that I can write about. And that will keep me positive and living life despite the drear. Because the drear that envelopes our lovely pacific northwest has a tendency to suck the living spark right out of my soul.

So, on that note- Yesterday, I popped into Target for a few necessities. I had my two kids and my nephew Caden. We were perusing the store, and taking our time when the kids spotted the costume section. OH BOY. It's no secret in our family that these three children are beyond loud. And they did NOT disappoint when they saw three whole aisles of costumes. You would have thought we were at Disneyland and ALL the characters were lined up waiting to meet these kids, or that they were just told they could eat all the candy they wanted all day everyday for the rest of their lives.

Caden's favorite was Darth Vadar, and Alex pleaded incessantly for the Tinkerbell which I assured her we could duplicate with the 1 trillion princess dress ups we had at home. Ian sat silently gazing at all the choices and would point and ask what was what?, who's that? but never got overly excited for anything in particular. I told him he would probably still fit into Yoda from last year as I'm all about saving a buck or 30 these days and for those of you that have perused the costumes, you know that 30 is not an exaggeration.

I assured the kids we had a whole month to decide, and we'd come back after looking through our costume bag at home. Well, this morning Ian graced me with his lovely presence right before I left for work (which I LOVE) as most days I don't get to see the kids until I pick them up from school. And as I finished getting ready, Ian and I shared a conversation.

Ian: Mom, Batman. ME.

Me: You want to be Batman for Halloween?


Me: That would be SO awesome!

( I hum the batman theme song, pick him up and fly him around the room)

Ian: So Awesome.

A few minutes later, he proceeds to tell me how this blanket is his favorite and that the shirt in the closet matches Pop Pop's truck? I can't believe how he talks as it feels like just yesterday he was curled up in a ball on my chest....weighing in at 10 pounds. And now, three times that. He's blowing my mind, warming my heart, and making me ache for my babies. Or lack thereof.

In Alex news, she blew our socks off this weekend when we were at a trip to Oak's Park with friends. Her timid, and slightly neurotic little self marched her 4 year old rear ALL the way up the giant slide ALL BY HERSELF. This shocked me as I was sure she'd get to the top and freak out, or panic, or topple over and fall headfirst down the entire slide, but no. Seeing her march up those stairs with her burlap bag tucked under her arm put me into such a stupor I couldn't even manage to pull out the camera and get proof that this happened. But we have witnesses. It's for real. She sat her lil' bum right down on that bag and the smile on her face as she reached the bottom was priceless. The giant praises and 'high fives' she got from Sean and I, and all our friends followed by this total look of confidence almost made me cry. My baby girls growing up!

So anyway, change of lunch plans today. I was gonna hit the bank but I'm thinking a trip to Target is in order. I do not want them running out of those Batman costumes in Ian's size. $19.99 seems like just pennies in my pocket to make a young boys dreams come true. This Halloween is gonna be AWWWEESSOME!


Jenny said...

Tear, tear. I love you Kolmers! :) Especially you, mama bear!

Mandy said...

You're such a good mom. Great goals for the rainy season. Just add, hang out with old high school friends and her pack of boys more! Hope you found Batman in Ian's size...if not, I have a superman costume/power ranger or pirate that I'm sure will fit him...next year, you can come shopping here! Love ya