Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Day at the Zoo...or not.

I'm going to take this opportunity on this cloud filled day where we are expected to see hail, thunder showers and not a spec of blue above to talk about the sun and warmness. Oh how I love thee.

Two weeks ago, Oregon witnessed a miracle of sorts. 2-3 days of cloud free, rain free, awesome'ness.

It was in the 70's for DAYS. It was seriously a big deal. After a long, dreary, depressing winter I think the entire Portland Metropolitan area was ecstatic. People were mowing their yards, washing their cars, filling parks and WAIT FOR IT......wearing shorts.

The Kolmers were not any different this lovely weekend. I dug out short sleeves, even applied sunscreen to the kids and could literally feel my inner self awaking from the dead. For those of you that don't know I suffer from this annoying little thing called SAD and truly, that's what it makes me. SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder strips me of my spunk, my motivation and makes me hella tired. My body, my soul and my entire being thrive in sun and warm climate. So let's just say I was a happy momma this weekend.

We decided to take the kids and my nephew Caden to the Zoo. Little did I know that everyone and I mean EVERYONE would have the same idea. As we approached the parking lot that was marked with a "LOT FULL" sign, we knew we were in for it. You had to park a mile away, stand in line for a shuttle to be dropped off and stand in ANOTHER line that circled the parking lot. UH...NO. Sean and I looked at each other with the same plea of 'Please, no.' I turned to face the three giddy faces in the back that had been promised all morning of this trip and asked them how they felt about going to the park instead. I waited for an onslaught of cries, and whines, and 'I wanted to see the PENGUINS's', but it didn't happen. They all kinda looked at each other and with their toddler understanding and silent communication they all cheered. YEAH! It was settled. We headed to the Washington Park Play structure and had a great time. Later we took the kids home and made them help wash cars....It was a great day.

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