Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Generation to Generation

We just had an amazingly fun Easter weekend. For the first year, Alex enjoyed dying eggs and Ian was able to participate in the egg hunt. I was able to explain to Alex that above the eggs, the candy and the special gift left by the Easter Bunny...the weekend and family time spent together was to celebrate the birth of our Jesus Christ. I had some 'full circle' moments the last few days, as Oprah might say.

For the first year, I held Easter dinner at my house. I felt both the joy and the burden of that. The joy of entertaining family in my home and having my grandparents gush over how well I've decorated. What great work I've done...And being able to take that responsibility from them and now my own Parents. Also the burden of the cleaning, the organizing and the 'how am I going to seat 20 people' at my Fred Meyer clearance dining room table. We made do.

Another amazing realization I had is regarding the two below photos. One of my favorite pastimes and the reason for both this blog and the massive amount of pictures I send out is looking through my mom's old photographs. In nearly each book, there is a picture of myself, my sisters and all my cousins all lined up on the couch like sardines. Usually the couch was orange/brown crushed velvet and the youngest was always trying to make a mad dash. We were always happy, happy to be together, happy to be young. Oh them's were the days.

So here they are. The next generation, all lined in a row. We are missing Caden here but surely there are many more of these to come, I'm just a bit disappointed that the couch isn't a little more obnoxious...for old times sake.

Ava 4 & Isabella 5, Alex 4 (almost), Ian 1 1/2, & Jake 11. I feel so fortunate to be so close to my Aunt who's kids are near in age to mine. Everytime we get together which is not often enough, these kids just have a blast.

The bad news is, I may need a new couch as the brood is growing. Here's me & Kayelyn snuggling up with the new baby on the way. I can't wait to meet him! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and was able to enjoy time with loved ones. In trying times such as these, it's all that matters.


Katie said...

Such cute family pics! Glad you had a wonderful Easter. Would definitely love to see you and the kiddos soon. Let me know when things calm down (as if!) for you.

Jenny said...

Love this, love you, and love the couch and cousin pics, I too have that memory. I have to remind myself that it doesn't matter a bit when half of us weren't looking and someone was crying or a sock was missing. It's actually even better. Look how happy these kiddos are. Gorgeous!