Sunday, May 3, 2009


At the dinner table tonight...

Alex: "Look at my Gigantic Bite!"

(a chuckle from mom & dad that she used gigantic)

Sean: "Where did you learn that word?"

Alex: "Daaaad, it's just what you say when something is really really big."

While Shopping...

Alex: "Mom, why did God create stores?"

Carrie: "Um.....(stammer stammer). Well, so that his creations had clothes to wear. We
wouldn't want everyone walking around naked would we?

Alex: "You mean like in the apple garden?"

Carrie: "Well, yes."

Alex: "So why do we wear clothes?"

Carrie: "I don't know."

Alex: "Oh."

After a walk with the dog...

Alex: "Mom, Chip barked at two of the big big dogs! But he didn't bark at the human."

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