Friday, September 5, 2008

Monkey Boy Speaks

Ian has been saying words! He talks a ton, mostly babble but to him it is very important. When he really wants you to understand he furrows his brow and points at you like 'Come on, get it mom'. Some words we actually have been able to decipher:

Dee Doo-'Thank You'
Moe- 'More'
Da- 'Dad'
Bobba- 'Bottle'
Bah- 'Ball'

Speaking of furrowing his brow. This kid has a glare and he's not a afraid to use it. He knows just when to drop it on you too. You take his binky away? GLARE. You tell him No? GLARE. You skimp him on dinner? GLARE. Here's me saying 'No more cake'. You get the picture.

I can't believe how fast he's growing. Well, he's always been a bit of a 'grower'. Kid can eat. But he's developing quite nicely. He's walking really well now. I miss his Frankenstein wobble dearly but I'm not nearly as nervous about him bashing his head at any moment. He's cutting his molars right now which is proving to be 'not sweet'. Alex was never a bad teether so this is new to me and he's quite miserable. Thank god for Infant Tylenol, teething tablets & frozen washcloths.

As for Alex. I promise you, I will soon catch one of her giggle fits by video and post it here. It's like nothing you've ever heard before...unless you've heard it before and maybe it's really not that funny. But her laugh is contagious. It's been compared to Webster, if that is of any help.

She started swim lessons today which was so much fun. She was so brave and I'm so proud. The last class she took she wouldn't even sit on the edge of the pool. Granted the punk instructor made no efforts to help her so I don't blame her. But with a new and communicative teacher she did or tried everything and despite the fact that her body acted as though it were stuffed with barbells, she never quit. According to Pop-Pop, this trait may have been inherited as he's struggled to keep his body afloat his whole life. I think that brought her great comfort as now her and Pop Pop are 'sink buddies'.

Last night we attended my cousins wedding. It was our first family of four wedding experience and we had a great time! Sean made Alex's night by requesting Leona Lewis's song 'Bleeding Love' which is her FAVORITE song on the radio right now. Anytime we get in the car she begs for it to be played. Lucky for her it's on the radio every 3 1/2 minutes so she usually gets her wish in any given car ride. She can rarely be found without my old pink razr cell phone. She has very deep important conversations with people. Today it was Pop Pop.

"Hello Pop Pop,'s me Alex. You know me"
"I was just seeing what you were doing, uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh." (wonder where she gets this)
"So, what are you doing anyway? Uh huh. Yeah. Oh yeah. Nanna told you to clean the floors?"
"That's nice. Well, I gotta go. We are at Costco now to buy fish crackers."
"K, bye. See a later."

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