Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tweedle Chins & Tweedle Cheeks

SOMETIMES, I'm forced to pull out the 'Nanna' Card. Power struggles with Alex are getting better as she moves from 3 to 4 but sometimes, sometimes I do threaten to tell Nanna on her. "Nanna would be so disappointed", or "Ok, I'm going to call Nanna and talked to her about your behavior". I don't use it often but in dire straits, it works, it works well.

Yesterday, after Alex got out of bed for the 3rd time I was forced to pull out the big guns. Sean was travelling and I was tired and done with the bedtime routine. I told her, "Alex, cousin Ava would be disappointed to hear that you aren't going to bed like a big girl". Her face drooped. "Oh." She replied. I didn't see her again that evening. I would prefer she alter her behavior to 'not disappoint' Mom & Dad, however, at 9:30 at night...I'm willing to negotiate. It was wonderful. Thank You Ava.

Alex & Ava (on left) were born six weeks apart. Destined to be friends, they live on opposite sides of the country yet every time they get to see each other they just love each other more and more. I ran into this picture a couple of days ago and I honestly can't stop laughing. What a pair..even at just 4 months old.
There are just 5 years between My Aunt Kayelyn and I which has given me the privilege of knowing what it would be like to have a big sis. She was the one who always took the best barbie clothes & furniture. She took the Barbie Corvette, and left me the camper. She also passed down all her hand-me-downs including a leather peach colored jacket & mini skirt combo that I cherished for years yet was never allowed to wear out in public. She let me ride around in the back of her T-Top Camaro (embellished with the bumper sticker 'HOT') when she was in high school. I love her dearly, and feel so lucky to be raising children at the same time. I heart you Auntie!

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