Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Farewell Felissa, Farewell

We are gathered here today, to remember Felissa. An ugly, boring, & neglected beta fish. She came to us a few months ago as a 'pawned off' birthday party party favor from the kids teacher. We figured, 'Hey, we can handle a fish'. Not quite ready for the responsibility of a dog, and knowing we will never be ready for Alex's true desire of a cat (Ack!) we thought , why not?

Felissa was popular at first. Alex would feed her, talk to her, & as much as you can 'play', she would play with Felissa. She'd poke at her fish bowl, and whisper sweet nothings through the glass. Sooner than later, Felissa became only another item in the toy room, ignored and left to collect dust.

We've gone days and days...and days without feeding her. We've gone weeks and weeks without so much as cleaning her water. A few weeks ago, my beta fish and cat loving friend MELISSA (strangely Alex named Felissa all on her own) gave me the sternest talking to I've had since high school. Horrified by my lack of attention towards Felissa's needs she ordered me to clean up my act...and the fish bowl.

Sunday, Alex and I made this our project. I do believe the clean water, PH drops and cute little house that Alex and I made for her down right shocked her system and led her to her passing. She was once a vibrant purple, with long flowing fins and red highlights. After weeks of dirty & murky water, her poor little body now gray and oxygen starved finally called it quits. Monday I found her swimming upside down and Tuesday, she was not swimming at all.

After two days of harassment, Sean confessed last night that he had finally given Felissa her proper burial. I (unable to dispose of her remains) hoped with great anticipation that Alex would not randomly check in on her old pal before Sean was able to do this. When I asked what he did with her his response, 'I dumped her in the toilet, right on top of Alex's un-flushed Poo, and then I pee'd on her' . Fitting. A burial much like her life...down right crappy.

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