Friday, February 15, 2013


my life for the last three days looks something like this: dayquil, nyquil, half finished valentines. vitamins, sudafed, tax backup, stale caramel corn, and messes everywhere.

sean was sick last weekend and after 3-4 days was back up and running. me? i've been sick now for 3-4 days and feeling relatively the same. like pure hell.

karma i think for making fun of sean for having a 'man cold'. a 'man cold' you see is typically the same cold a woman might have. but worse, much worse. well, this is no man cold. it's a colosal life altering smack to the sinus pained face. 

but, it's valentines day. so i took a break from my 9 episodes of downton abby, and my 6 episodes of felicity and ventured to the store for valentines dinner makings. i floated through the store like a zombie. the drugged and delusional kind searching for red and pink things. because around here, on valentines day we make pink and red dinners and exchange words of love and appreciation. and we wear pajama pants with hearts.

okay, i've had these on for 3 days and it has nothing to do with 'the day of love'.

we exhanged cards, and said the things we should all year but make up for on each February 14th.

i paid an extra $1 for these buttercream topped 'twinkie cupcakes' which the kids ended up swiping the frosting off of. but they looked good. at least BEFORE, they tipped over in the car.

the kids opened cards from their great nanna and their grammom. what a treat! getting mail at the wee ages of 5 & 7 is always such an excitement.

we ate red things. like strawberries, and raspberries.

 and a special treat for sean who deserves the world in thanks, but must settle for a giant beer with a red label and some swedish fish.

and pasta for my loves, garnished with a heart.

these two have completely changed my perspective on valentines day. a holiday i used to loathe and see as wasteful, and expensive, and a sorry excuse to do in one day what we should do every day or any day. it has now become a day of tradition in our family. we eat pink and red, we eat dinner in the dining room, we say 'i love you' more than once. sick or not.

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Anonymous said...

I can feel the love and the real all over this blog! Yep! I'm glad you are feeling human again. Man colds are NO FUN!

This is Jenny.