Monday, February 25, 2013


friday nights are party time. i mean, it's all about staying up late, letting loose, hanging out with friends, and shaking off the stresses of the week.


maybe 8 years ago we counted down the days of the work week to make it to friday. we'd meet up with friends at about the time we go to bed now. we'd bar hop around, and come home after midnight. but we are old now and need extra rest and take vitamins in the masses.

See? I've traded in friday night purple hooter consumption for this wrinkle reducing, hair volumizing, immune system boosting, skin rejuvenating, fatigue battling, anemia fighting nightly regime. 

typically, i'm asleep at 8:45 after watching half a movie. sean stays up later because he has a concerning addiction to the 'west wing' right now and is on episode 115 of 160 some. 

these days, we pick up dinner and a redbox and get home as quickly as we can.  We all change into jammies before the clock strikes 6:30 because it's friday and it's a PARTY AT THE KOLMERS, bring your skivvies and pink socks.

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