Tuesday, February 26, 2013


each year, the kids school celebrates the 100th day of school. they usually have a celebration and everyone has to bring in 100 of the same object to count and/or share. the teacher's usually bring in 100 cheerios, or marshmallows, or chocolate chips for all the kids to count and then eat. 

for us parents, it's usually just another tuesday but for the kids it's something special.

today, ian brought home his 100th day of school learning packet and after opening and reading, it had sean and i practically on the floor in tears.

from laughing.

ian's teacher applied for a grant last year that allowed each child to have their own personal iPad in class. they do a lot of work on the iPad and email the teacher. they write, draw, and do math. occasionally, i'll randomly get an email from ian while at work with his special work of the day. this packet was done from the iPad.

first, the 'i wish i had 100...'

anyone know what njogo's are?

and then, 'i'm glad i do not have 100...'


and finally 'if i had $100...'

'i gir a bed' because we currently make him sleep on the hard cement floor. with only a placemat for comfort.

also included in his backpack paper stash this week was a valentines love letter from my boy. 

i'm thinking it is supposed to say 'mommy, hope you have a happy valentines, from ian'

and with that, sean and i have decided to start calling him 'fumian'

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