Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why Daddy Why Daddy WHY?

Let me begin today with Ian. Scratch that, let me begin with my sister and I who this last summer while I was on maternity leave took on the giant project of replacing all of the mouldings in my house. See, we busted the fridge water hose and jimmy rig fixed it. It lasted several months so go us! Now Ian. The other day, he yanked the hose back out spraying water EVERYWHERE. In true Ian fashion he found this hilarious. As Sean dug under the house to turn the water off, and I held onto the hose to stop the flow-which by the way HURT! (water pressure is crazy) Ian decided to climb up Sean's back and squeeze his way into the man hole under our house. THIS is just another crazy evening in the Kolmer household. We cleaned up the mess, laughing and sweating and wondering, what happened to us?

Yesterday I asked Sean, "WHY is our fridge not fixed yet? It's hot and I'm tired of drinking tap water without Ice". So tonight Sean took Alex on a field trip to a frequented location of ours, Home Depot. Upon returning, I found him hovering in the corner of our dining room HIDING from Alex. She had pushed him to his limits with her multitude of WHY questions. He was SERIOUSLY about to lose it. I saw him silently mouth to me 'I can't take it anymore'. We all know these questions. Some we know the answers to and we do our best to explain why the sky is blue or why boys have 'wiggly bodies' and girls don't (A common Alex must know) or why can't we have an ice cream sandwich even though we already had three sprinkly frosting covered animal cookies? As I type, Sean just now heads upstairs to retrieve Alex from her normal position over the stairway with her 7th request for new water, or a different blanket, or to turn her fan on or off or to move baby back to bunnies spot. I have to tell you all. I love him.

This is my ode to Sean to say THANK you for being such a great daddy. For answering all the WHY questions (mine and Alex's) and for only sometimes feeling like he can't do it anymore. In all honesty, I know how lucky I am and how lucky these two kids are for having a dad like him. Without him, our crazy life would not work. I would not work, and neither would our fridge.


Malisams said...

Oh, you're killing me. Between Ian's misadventures and Sean actually physically HIDING from Alex's inquisition, I couldn't stop laughing at this post. If only Sean had the option of retreating to the carefree GROOVE IS IN THE HEART dance party in his mind, he might better survive this phase in your daughter's childhood...

In all seriousness, though, The Pean is sheer awesome -- as a husband, and dad and a friend. Even if he doesn't appreciate my musical taste...mad props.

Mandy said...

High fives to good dads! Are they not the BEST? Bart was explaining to the boys tonight about what to do if we have a fire or earthquake...I should have warned him - bad idea - soooooo many questions and then 4 times getting up tonight because they were scared. Sorry daddy - did deep for patience, you started it, you deal with it! Have a great day. We NEED to get together. Which day/days do you have off work?