Monday, August 11, 2008

She's got it! Oooohhh Baby She's got it.

This one is for you mom. Who always understands why I can't sleep at night. I heart you.

I've known for many many years now, that if I was lucky enough to acquire any traits of my mother-I've at least gotten her attention to detail, OCD like obsession for cleanliness, order, and listing. And oh, her love of home decorating. Her and my lovely Auntie all have this passion, this sick need to constantly be creating, painting, fixing, remodeling despite all the other things we have going on. It's our therapy, it's our outlet. WE LOVE IT. This bond unites us. When nobody understands why we must organize drawers in the midst of chaos, or replace door hardware on an already crammed weekend. We get it. This weekend, ah-I was so proud. I learned that Alex has it too. She can now join our club.

Sean and I were enjoying a restful few minutes this Sunday morning as Ian snoozed. We beckoned Alex to the play room to find something to do independently while we sipped our coffee and watched HGTV. Alex quiet for just moments, hollered to us 'Mom, I'm sweeping the kitchen...BUT DON'T STEP IN MY PILE'. I died. Where did she get that? She had to have heard that somewhere, oh yes. I've said that near a trillion times over her lifetime from the time she could crawl, walk, and ride her trike thru my pile. Because inevitably each and every time I sweep-like a magnet SHE is there. 'Don't step in my pile', I would say. And now, with her little play broom. She's throwing it back at me.

I'm not sure whether to feel sad or elated that she's following this exhausting path. I suppose, I'd rather her be this than that. 'That' being dirty and dis-organized. But for a control freak like myself, who feels so out of control most of them time. It's comforting to know, that at least I have my pile of dirt! Just please don't step in it.

I wish I something funny to say about Ian. This weekend, he did nothing but make me smile. He continues to be such a snuggly love. He is almost always happy, although he's proving to have a real short fuse when he can't quite swing his chunky thigh over his ride-on train, or if he gets himself stuck under the piano bench. He's walking really well now, but gets going much too fast at times. So different from Alex where she would not walk until she was absolutely positive something soft could catch her fall, he barrels towards whatever, whenever as fast as possible. You can see it in his face when he knows he's going to go down. He braces himself with a squishy, closed eye grimace like 'here it comes...whooooooaaaaaaaa'. Crash. He typically giggles at his own fall which warms my heart. He's big into mimicking words and sounds, most often it's sneezes that he's trying to imitate. He's got the 'ah ah ah' down and then does this full body convulsion 'achoo' with no sound. It's always followed with a giggle, like 'I am so funny'. I don't know most days what I would do without his cheery disposition. What a love.

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Malisams said...

I love that she yelled FROM THE OTHER ROOM for you to please NOT step in her pile. Hahaha. You've taught her well. Soon I bet she'll totally be emailing you asking for a ride to Sears for a ShopVac or something.