Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ode to Shark

It came to us over a year ago. I'm not even sure where we got it. It was either a party favor, or we acquired it for a quarter in one of those money sucking gumball prize machines at Red Robin. It's an inch long, blue, made of rubber and it's actually a whale. Alex obsessed over said 'shark" for weeks. "I need shark", "Where's shark", "Not without my shark". She soon lost interest but shark our friendly blue rubber whale will NOT go away.

We will find it in the oddest places. In a junk drawer, under the bed or couch, in Alex's dresser, on Ian's changing table. I've picked it up a million trillion times. I could swear I threw it away or stuck it somewhere we would surely never find it again. 'Shark' ALWAYS comes back. IT'S. ALIVE. It's now a part of our family. Some people have dogs & cats. We have an ugly beta fished named 'Felissa' and a little blue rubber whale.

Now, when we find it, we call it out. "I found shark!". Alex even joins in on this family game. Last week, I cleaned and organized the toy room. I went thru every bin, drawer and threw out old toys, packed away baby toys and tossed all the itty bitty pieces of garbage toys we've acquired over the years. Sean was at work, the kids were napping and after finding 'shark' near the gas pedal of Alex's Barbie car I shook my head, giggled and said 'outloud' as if anyone could here me...."shark". I swear I tossed her once and for all. I put it in an old party favor bag, and set it on the washer & dryer with all the other 'get out of my face, I'm tired of picking you up and stepping on your sharp edges' toys.

Friday morning, Sean, unassuming and groggy was handed 'shark'. Nonchalantly, and sorta like 'here dad, I found this'. Ian released it from his sweaty little grasp. What? HOW? We don't know. I figure one of us will go to our graves with Shark. It may one day be quoted in our will, and I'm considering adding to my 'to do list', START COLLEGE FUND FOR SHARK. If for some reason 'shark' one day stops rearing it's little blue head, I want to remember her always. This is for you Shark, we love you and your always welcome in our house.

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Malisams said...

Better to find Shark lurking under the bed than a big ochre-colored soft-serve-swirled pile of quivering, gelatinous cat crap, right? Love your little rubber friend, Carrie. LOVE HIM.