Friday, August 8, 2008

Boogers, Bodily Functions. Poop.

I used to dream about having children. Plan how many and how old I would be. I'd pick out names and imagine how wonderful life would be. Don't get me wrong, parenting is wonderful and rewarding and makes me happier than anything but nowhere in my 22 year old mind did I imagine THIS kind of wonderful.

After reading my initial post, a friend of mine responded with a story of her own. Let me begin by stating she cared for 6 kids under 6 the previous day. Enough said. As a mother of two, who watches 'Jon & Kate + 8' religiously to keep me motivated and believing 'I CAN DO THIS'. 6 kids, to me sounds horrific. Her oldest was found 'helping' by cleaning the toilet with her brothers toothbrush, and her nephew handed her a gift which she believed to be something her youngest might choke on. Prior to saying, "Oh thank you", she revealed within her palm...a booger. That my friends is Real. Life.

Boogers, Snot, and Poop are just a part of my everyday. In fact Alex says 'poop' nearly 4 million times in a 2 hour period. This is a word, I was neither allowed to say as a youngin' nor do I care for her to say it but she's a daycare child and you can only control so much. We ignore it so as to not draw attention to it, for which she would-just say it more. If that is even possible.

Last week, Alex and I were enjoying our nightly couch snuggle. It's my favorite part of the evening. We snuggle, we talk about her day and she inevitably at some point will rub my arm and say 'I love you momma'. Aaaah. God love her. I was reviling in her sweet comment when I realized this, 'rubbing of my arm', was in fact her wiping a booger on me. !?What?! I asked her, "What is that?". Alex calmly replied, without removing her eyes from her Little Einsteins show, "It's a booger mom". I'm confident that this was somehow punishment. Punishment for all those times I had her pinned on the floor, digging in her nose with my pinkie finger nail to get that one last boog out while she kicked and screamed. Some of you may think child abuse, but just because your under 3 feet tall doesn't mean, you should be walking around with boogers and icky plaques in your teeth. Sean knows. In fact, he'll hand one of the babes over to me and say, "You gonna get that?"


Malisams said...

Too cute. At least Alex seems to have learned how to share well...? When I was a kid, my mom caught me spearing a floater in the toilet with her eyebrow pencil. She was not amused.

Andrea Wedewer said...

Aren't 3-year-olds the best? LOL...sounds like Alex and Tommy are kindred spirits! He put an entire roll of toilet paper in the pot this morning. At least they keep things interesting! And welcome to the wonderful world of's way better than those dusty baby books (mine sit unopened on my nightstand, too!)
*Andrea W.*

James said...

Not "child abuse," Carrie, TOUGH LOVE.