Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OMSI, Cupcakes and Swimming

This last weekend, my Auntie KK and her 3 kids Jake, Isabella, and Ava came to visit. I took a four day weekend which we filled to the brim with fun. Friday, we took the kids to OMSI. My mom kept Ian home and I got to enjoy some time with Alex  and Caden (my nephew). I didn't have to cart a stroller or a diaper bag, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Saturday we got all the kids up, ready, and dressed in record time. We had family pictures at 10. Much to mine, Sean and Kay's dismay we had to cut our leisurely morning coffee short and get out the door in a flash. We appointed jobs, we had Kay the ironer, Sean got all the kids dressed, and I made breakfast and organized outfits and hair pretties. Pictures were great, we travelled from park to park, to school to playground to water treatment plant (no joke) to capture some precious moments of the family. It started to get blazing hot so we were all happy to be done at noon. We all headed back to our house to have a BBQ lunch and pre-birthday party for Caden who's turning 4 this month! I honestly can't believe it. It seems like yesterday that little nugget was propped in his exersaucer turning circles as fast as humanly possible and screeching like no boy should.

After lunch, cupcakes and presents we loaded everyone up and headed to the river for some boating, floating, & swimming fun. The kids had a great time, all strapped in their life jackets they jumped and leaped from floaty to floaty. They swam and were towed on the inter tube. Even Ian was in good spirits despite the tight, throat constricting life jacket he was wearing. I remember a few times looking around and feeling so happy that everyone was happy. We really had a great time. The kids were so ecstatic to be together, and having fun. Unfortunatley, my dad cut his finger up pretty bad so we had to bug out, not because he needed stitches. Oh no, he made it clear he was NOT going to urgent care and this gashing wound was nothing that some super-glue couldn't fix. We re-convened at our house (again) for some more food, leftovers this time. The kids ran about, and we nursed our heat exhaustion and hurty fingers with some cool beverages.

The next morning, we got my aunt and kids packed up, and I drove them back to Vancouver where they would spend their last day at my grandparents before flying back to CT. Alex was so sad to say goodbye to Ava ecspecially who she adores and spent most of the weekend nurturing like her very own cabbage patch doll. Why she doesn't dote on Ian like that, I don't know. Probably jealousy, and seriously, he's almost the same size as she is so why shouldn't she drag him around by his arm and knock him down while they are racing to the pantry?

Saying goodbye was hard, we never quite know when we will see them again. Fortunatley, I had to switch gears rather quickly as I was hosting yet another BBQ for some dear friends in town from Boston. We had another great gathering with some great friends and all their kids. It is amazing to me that each time we manage to get together like this, there is another human in the mix. The same group of people we used to attend class with, party with, etc are now asking us 'where do we throw the poopie diapers?' It's surreal and amazing and funny and weird. I don't quite know what we all used to talk about in college, maybe we didn't do much talking at all? But somehow discussing sleep problems, breastfeeding, and 2 year old behavioral issues seems so NORMAL? When everyone left and the house was tidied again, I sat down EXHAUSTED but feeling so terribly blessed. Blessed for great family, great friends and some really good times this weekend. I don't quite remember my walk upstairs..I 'think' I brushed my teeth and then died in my bed.

Monday I had a leisurely morning with the kiddos. We got ourselves ready, and went to the mall to meet our friends Tasha and lil' Nola for some dirty play structure fun. I think that's where we lost Ian's snuggly football blanket he holds so dear. We later took the kids to Chucky Cheese for pizza and more games. Alex had a great time and Ian spent the majority of his time either screaming with glee on the kiddie play structure, throwing himself face first down the slide, or climing up the Ski Ball ramp. He was so happy and over-stimulated the little sucker didn't take an afternoon nap. After a trip to Babies R Us for a replacement security blanket, new binks for Ian (apparently, we've lost the 42 we used to have), and some new Dora underwear for Alex...we called it another busy day.

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Malisams said...

Haha...your dad and his super glue. So funny.