Wednesday, January 9, 2013


my new years motto: 'live today, one minute at a time.'

achieving this for me, is actually worse than vowing to workout more, or picking up that wine bottle a little less. 

i have this nasty habit of living in both the past and the future. i don't blog because i'm so far behind, or i spend time in my day planning the future. i'm about to admit a sick and twisted fact about myself. i don't just balance my checkbook. i balance it's future too. yes. i like to know our financial situation not now, or for tomorrow or til the end of the month. i also like to know what it might look like in august 2014. sick, i know. but i'm a planner. and it's good in many ways. it keeps our lives organized, it keeps our social calendar just the right amount of full, and it keeps our life together. and a life with two jobs and two kids can be challenging. however, it prevents me from enjoying the now. 

so, in the spirit of living today i post my first photos on my now photo-less blog. just because. not because they are wrapping up any events in the past i have yet to write about. but because just now, i took a break at work to look at pictures of my kids. because i miss them when i'm here.

This photo just captures Ian. He lives every moment to the fullest. And usually with a smile.

My sweet girl.

Alex learned to ride her bike ALAS! And Ian is not far behind.

listening to music, wearing teeny bopper clothes

Ian's first Blazer game with dad

I'm so blessed to have such happy kids with sense of humor's for days

my beautiful sister and her fiance

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

Tree hunting with style

Thankful to have had Donna & Lauren for Thanksgiving this year

Hermione & Harry Potter for Halloween!

Ian completes his first season of organized sports and does it smashingly


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