Sunday, January 27, 2013

check check 1, 2. testing...

sometimes, you just have to check yourself. just like your yearly review at work, or requesting feedback after an interview it's nice to know, 'are you performing well?'

this is true at home too. and so i decided to check in with the kids (and sean) with a few fun interview questions. let's find out if i make the grade.

so here we go, a girl (7) a boy (5),  and a very 'reluctant to participate husband'.  do they know their momma (wife)? is she painting the right picture for them? showing them in the right ways that she loves them?

here goes. i'm scared.

1.  what is something mommy always says to you?

I: i love you

A: settle down

S: don't tell me to relax

2.  what makes mommy happy?

I: snuggling

A:  when we're quieter

S: your couch

3.  what makes mommy sad?

I:  when i scratch my face

A:  when we don't listen

S: your couch (damn fallen back support pillows from hell)

4.  how does mommy make you laugh?

I:  tickling me!

A:  when you make silly faces. 

S:  by tickling me. (lies, I ask again) your funny FUNNY jokes (ass). i say i can't believe he doesn't have a long list of things that make him laugh because i am SO FUNNY. (he laughs). and I say, 'see?'

5.  what was mommy like as a child?

I:  a little girl

A:  like me?

S:  a brat

6.  how old is mommy?

I:  43

A:  um, 34!

S: 34

7.  how tall is mommy?

I:  10

A:  6 feet?

S: 5'7"" (close)

8.  what is mommys favorite thing to do?

I:  hug me

A:  cook

S: paint, NO no no. interior decorating.

9.  what does mommy do when you're not around?

I:  work

A:  be with friends

S: re-arrange the house. and then put it back to where it was before.

10.  if mommy becomes famous, what will it be for?

I:  being a good worker

A:  singing

S:  uh, interior decorating

11.  what is mommy really good at?

I:  hugging

A: cooking, coloring, reading

S: cooking. and you're good at being a mom. 

12.  what does mommy do for her job?

I:  work. a job is like when you do something really nice.

A: work for Nike. for the golf part.

S: crunch numbers

13.  what is mommy's favorite food?

I:  little radishes, what are those called? oh, brussel sprouts.

A:  hmmmmm, radishes? 

S:  you do like a good french dip. salmon.

14.  what makes you proud of mommy?

I:  saying that i love you all the time.

A: when you read to me.

S: uhhhhhhhhhh (long pause I won't read into it) your parenting.

15.  if mommy was a cartoon character, who would she be?

I:  mickey mouse!

A: mickey mouse!


16.  what do you and mommy do together?

I:  snuggle, hug, play mariokart and read books.

A: watch movies, eat dinner.

S:  is this public? we laugh. we watch movies. we try to play nintendo but i hate it so then we fight about how i don't want to play.

17.  how are you and mommy the same?

I:  we both have short hair and our eyes are the same and our nose is the same and our mouth is the same and our body is the same. but not our boobies.

A: when we were little you had curly hair too. 

S: that's hard. we enjoy our families.

18.  how are you and mommy different?

I:  well, that I don't have any boobies and you do. and you have different color hair.

A: you're taller than me. and, you have short hair. 

S:  you are WAY more compassionate than I am.

19.  how do you know mommy loves you?

I:  because she hugs and kisses me and she always says that she loves me.

A: when you give me hugs and kisses. 

S: you still like to snuggle with me.

20.  where is mommy's favorite place to go?

I:  that's hard. john's incredible pizza? (no). chucky cheese? (no) i don't want to say your favorite place because I don't know.

A: out to dinner?

S: anywhere with sun

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