Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blankies & Binkity Binks

Ghostrider, we have a problem. We have an addict on our hands. His name is Ian, he's 19 months, 32 pounds, and he's addicted to his bink and elephant blankie woobie thingy. Come on kid.

I never thought in a million years, I'd have one of those kids that resembles Maggie from the Simpsons, or Linus. He walks around rubbing his blankie on the side of his face and sucking that bink like there's no tomorrow. It's time for an intervention. Sean has been pushing for this for some time. I'd rather avoid the melodrama and wait until all his teeth come in. Or until that sweet way he says 'Bee?' , wears off. 'Bee', 'BEE!' he says, while pointing to wherever his binky rests, placed there by no doubt Daddy who's confiscated it while he had food in his mouth instead. If he were a normal sized 19 month old, I may not feel the urgency in this matter but I'm convinced that the public scrutiny is about to take it's toll as Ian looks not 1, but 2. Or 3.

Ian had quite a rough weekend. He wined and cried incessantly. I'm convinced it's his teeth again and kept him on Tylenol when he was ultra irritable. Sean and I took the kids furniture hunting this weekend as we've been without couch for several weeks and it's wreaking havoc on both of our spines. Ian was unbearable and as I tried to sooth him in the car, Alex piped up and with the utmost certainty proclaimed that Ian was obviously crying because he knew that she had a hole in her pants from falling on the playground. And that scared him. Surely.

Tuesday I got to watch her final gymnastics class this term as well as the presentation of all they've learned. What fun for me, as I normally am sitting at work while her school transports her and get's to witness her weekly growth and accomplishments. I get to hear about it at the dinner table and today, the conversations of Pizza Hangs, Caterpillar Beam Walks, & Vault Frog Jumps were all explained in the most amazing visual display EVER! She took the class so seriously, and was so proud to show Sean and I all she'd learned. Her favorite part was the medal she earned that she got to accept on a grand staircase of plastic foam pads, just like at the Olympics.

I've signed Ian up for a class on Mondays that I can do with him, and that I am thrilled about! His class is called 'beasts' and I can't help but laugh at the irony of that.
Other than that, business as usual around the Kolmer household. It's been a long, busy, work stressful, and emotional week for the both of us. I personally am feeling like a deflated balloon that needs these next three days desperately to re-fill. I'm having one of those weeks where I feel like a terrible horrible no good very bad mother. The 1-2 hours I've gotten with my kids each day, has been full of whines, cry's, and temper tantrums. Work has been horrendous, and some family issues have drained me emotionally. I've found myself counting the minutes until the kids go to bed so I can rest and after they are snug in their beds, I sit stressed and regrettful that I spoiled that very short time with them. So our plans for the weekend? Lots of family time, comfort food, woobies and binks all around. I need my kids probably just as much as they need me.

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Jenny said...

Who cares about public ridicule, if a bink makes that sweet face happy, then serve it up on a silver platter.

I have to miss that "medal" presentation on Monday, and now I'm questioning it, maybe I should go if it is THAT good.

Based on the tone from the beginning of the post, I thought you were going to say you'd be spending the weekend in cold turkey from the bink. I'm pleased to hear that it is the other way around and you, Sean, & Alex have got yourself binks for the occasion. Love ya! Hang in there!