Thursday, January 8, 2009

Alex: An Interview

I saw this on another Mommy blog I religiously read. I thought it was so cute I'm going to try it too. A fellow mommy sat her 4 year old down, and drilled him. I thought it would be a nice little something to look back on many many years from now. Here goes, Alex's first Interview.

What's your name? Alexandra
How old are you? She holds up three fingers, "Three"
What's your favorite color? Pink

What's your favorite book? Piggy Book

What's your favorite song? Oh baba baba-Britney Spears
What's your favorite movie? Charlotte's Web...and Wall-E
Television Show? Wow Wow Wubzy
Who's your best friend? Jacob, TREY! And Taylor....

Favorite Smell? Polka Dot Smell

What's your favorite kind of candy? Cotton Candy!

Favorite Sound? Music

What's your favorite instrument? Violin

Favorite thing to do at school? Sliding

What's your favorite game? Wall-E game for my V-Smile...and Wii Bowling

Favorite Food? Chicken Nuggets, Watermelon, and I like Pizza too.

Favorite thing to drink? Water and Apple Juice

What's your favorite animal? Piggy...stinky piggies.

What's your favorite thing to do? Going to the Park

Where's your favorite place to go? Swimming Lessons

What's your favorite Toy? The Sit n Spin. I'm going to go ride on the Sit n Spin. Can I go get the Sit n Spin and sit on it while your printing me out?

What's your favorite thing about Ian? He likes to play with me and sit by me by the train and ride the rocking horse zebra thingy.

How old is Dad? 3, Are you three daddy?

How old is Mommy? 4, Are you 4 mom like I am? 'Your 3', I say. Well I'm bigger than Dev.

What makes you happy? Bunny when I was a baby (Her pink bunny pull-toy)

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Mom! Like you.

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Jenny said...

I'm so doing this too. GREAT idea! She's a sweetie.