Sunday, October 5, 2008

Watcha Doin Mom, Paint'in?

I don't really know why I do it. We've lived in this house 2+ years now, and I've almost single handedly painted EVERY SQUARE INCH. Walls, cabinets, ceilings, fireplaces, moldings, and doors have been the cause of much stress, fatigue, and one sore wrist. I suffer painters hand, neck & back and for what? I don't really know. I don't know if anyone will really cares that soon our bedroom will resemble a picture I tore from a Better Homes & Garden magazine, but still...I do it. I get great satisfaction in turning ugly into something nice. And truly, painting is a bit of therapy for me.

I started my bedroom finally. The last and final room of our once atrocious house. I cried the day we moved into this house. Having left our meticulously painted, and clean town home I felt I had been transported into an episode of the Brady Bunch. What kills me is, I spend all this time and energy at completing these tasks and then wonder why I'm exhausted, have bills un-paid, and no food in the house. I complain that I can't keep up with my life and am always feeling on the edge of spiraling out of control. Well, here I am. Knee deep in a brand new project, feeling out of sorts in all other aspects. And for why? Again. I dunno.

I painted the majority of this house while pregnant with Ian. Alex was about 1-1 1/2 at the time and one of the most common questions she had at that time was, 'Watcha doin Mom? Paint'n? A whole year + later, she said it to me again this weekend. Only this time, she got to help. Lucky for her our carpeting eventually needs to be replaced and I'm not worrying about a coupla drips here, a coupla drips there.

In other Alex news, she officially 'mooned' Sean for the first time. I don't know WHERE she got it but she full on dropped her panties and said, 'Daddy, look at my bum!' Then she proceeded to giggle incessantly while we tried to stifle our laughs and urge her that was a little inappropriate...tee hee.

She got to spend a few hours with Nanna and PopPop on Saturday which was quite a treat. My mom & dad took down the boxes and boxes of Barbie stuff from the attic. Talk about a blast from the past. My heart was happy and sad at the same time. Happy that Alex get's to play with this stuff but sad that it may be weird if I did. For the first time, she noticed the wall of high school mug shots in my parents hallway. This shrine of poster size portraits of myself and my sisters eat up an entire wall. Her comments were, "Mom was really big in high school" and "Why does she have such big and crazy hair". So what if I had big bangs, some curled perfectly forward and the other half curled back. HOT. Today in the car she said, "Mom, why didn't you have any legs in high school?". I explained to her that photographs oftentimes show only part of a person, and then told her about my Glamour Shots head shot where I wore the American Flag coat. That reminds me I do need to raid my mom's photo closet, steal it, and burn that one. I wouldn't want that rearing it's ugly head when I become president someday.

Ian...oh Ian. I can't WAIT to post a picture of him in his Halloween costume. No hints, but let's say when we tried it on today I realized I haven't laughed that hard in months...and months. SO. Funny. I'll take your guesses. He's a ton of fun right now. He is now saying 'Thank You' at all appropriate times. Even at 5 am this morning when I handed him a bottle in his crib, he muttered 'Kee Koo'. So sweet. He now points to his head, belly button and nose when asked. Usually lingering on the nose with his finger...up it. But nonetheless, he's learning his parts.

If I had to describe him in one word it would be INTENSE. He's intense busy, intense crazy, intense into everything, super happy, laughy and very unbearably LOUD. He screams all the time. Sometimes it's happy and..well, sometimes it's not, but no matter what it's embarrassing. We don't really go out to eat right now, and grocery shopping is done on the weekends when one of us can stay home. The noise that escapes him I swear will pierce your ears. It has mine. I find myself wondering if that because he's deaf in one ear he can't quite hear it like we can. Today I heard Sean from the other room mumble, "Buddy, that scream is really get'in me down". My mom says it will pass. God willing, it will so we can take him out in public again. Despite the screech, I have never felt so in love with this child.

Well, I've written a small novel and am now going to join Sean & Alex for movie night. It's Bee Movie, and all I ask is that I don't fall asleep before Alex does.

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Malisams said...

"My heart was happy and sad at the same time. Happy that Alex gets to play with this stuff but sad that it may be weird if I did."

That might be the funniest thing you'll ever write. (And yes, it would be kinda weird if you did, but do it anyway.)

Also, I can totally hear Sean in the next room quietly telling Ian how his scream is gettin' him down. So funny.

I can't wait to see what Ian is for Halloween! CJ tried on his costume for James and me the other night, and was hilarious. He's being a CHICKEN. He was all, "PICK ME UP GUYS" so he could pretend to fly, flapping his little wings and saying "buckaw! buckaw! buckaw!" Cutest damn thing I have ever seen.

What's Miss Alex going to be?