Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sun, Sand & Shades

Spent an enourmously fun and relaxing weekend at the beach with friends this weekend. The weather was awesome, the company devine, the hot tub was A-MAZ-ING... and I think one night I stayed up until 11:00. It felt like 3am but still...something to be proud of.

We had good moments and bad moments and some of them were at the same time. Take note of Ian's 'I couldn't be madder' face and Alex's 'this is the best day of my life ever' face.
Ian had his first experience running around in the sand, eating sand, and a few hours later...pooping sand. Yeah to good times and good friends!

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Malisams said...

That second to last pic is my favorite. Alex is like YOU GUYS THIS IS AWESOME and Ian is all WTF OMG GET ME OUTTA HEEEEE

It was fun getting to spend some real time with your kids this weekend!