Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Picture says a thousand words...right?

Alright Kelly. I got the hint. I'm absolutely failing at blogging these days. FAIL. Not for lack of content or inspiration, but only for lack of time. And well, I'm addicted to the Twilight series and spend all spare minutes which are few reading books that quite frankly make me want to be a vampire. A vampire that needs no sleep, has super powers, and is immortal. I mean, really. Please tell me three other traits better suited for a Mom? Just try.

Here are a few pictures to tell you just exactly what these two have been up to recently.

Alex has discovered that she has inherited her mothers amazing skill of facial control. She loves to make funny faces, cross her eyes and well, LAUGH. I still need to get a video of that on here because most people wouldn't believe how she can get going.

This week, her best line was said while playing with her Barbie keyboard. She was singing along to "Oh Baba Baba" when she suddenly stopped, put her finger to her chin in deep thought and said, "Momma, is there like...a human in here or something?"

She's into dressing up and has taken to wearing dresses. She loves anything that requires tights and fancy shoes. This is her newest dress. I must brag here on this Old Navy bargain I picked up for a mere $3.99. BARGAIN! Times are tight, the economy is scary and although this Tot used to be dressed to the nine in Gymboree and Baby Gap, thems days are over. With word that my place of business will in fact have to resort to a 'reduction in work force' as they called it, I may be snipping coupons here shortly too.

This is Alex modeling. The second you bring the camera out...get ready for the newest episode of Runway or America's next top model. She smiles, she poses, this girl is gonna break me in a few years. I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the fact this little diva is going to be 4 in May. Time has flown by with this one.

Ian. What can I say? He is always keeping us on our toes! His new 'trick' much to my demise as well as my flooring, carpeting, walls, etc is to gather a big mouthful of liquid (in this example blueberry juice) and SPIT it out, everywhere. He thinks it's funny. I think it's not and at this point I'm at a loss as to how to get enough fluids in him without A)letting him have a bottle and B)ruining every single shirt, bib, or item for that matter with a 10 foot radius of his grazing station.
I can only hope that this photo session didn't encourage the behavior anymore than Alex's horrendous laughs from behind me.

My little Vampire.

His other new thing (also revolving around food & drink mind you) is helping himself to snacks from the pantry. He has it down. He opens the Tupperware cupboard, finds a nice hefty vessel and then helps himself to pretzels, fish crackers, or shredded wheat. He usually carries it directly into the living room and proceeds to crush it into my new couch. I love him.

His vocabulary is amazing me right now. You would absolutely never know this little dear is deaf in one ear. I'm anxious for his hearing appointment this Friday to hear what they think of his progress. He now says, Be (Bink), Show, More, Pease, Up, Baby, Body, Belly, No (a favorite), Yes (always with an exuberant head nod), Hat, Ball, Shoes, Juice, amongst many others...I'll keep thinking.

For my avid (and mildy obsessive) readers, I promise to post more frequently. I only have a few chapters left of my book at which time I will become as depressed as when Sex and the City ended, come to the realization that my life is neither glamorous or immortal and resort to blogging again.


Mandy said...

I just finished Twilight last month...tell me what you think of how the series ends. Love the great pictures of the kids. I must say, your blog entries are always so well written - I think you DID get a better grade in High School english though huh? Keep on blogging. It brightens my day!

Kelly said...

Thanks. Your blogs are wonderful. I love hearing about the kids! They are looking cuter every day!