Sunday, December 7, 2008

General Kiddo Update

Well, here's a post I've been working on for awhile. I'm having a moment here where I'm feeling utterly overwhelmed with deadlines, work, Christmas prep, lists and lists of things to do, un-finished home projects, and what Sean referred to this week as 'the most cluttered house ever'. Nice. So here I go. Finishing something that has neither a deadline, timeframe, or really any business getting first dibs. But here goes.

A quick (or not so quick) update on the kiddos.

Alex is 3 1/2 now. What I've learned about the half ages from experience and friends is that it's nothing short of difficult. It's like this mid-age transitional period where they go from being 3 to figuring out how to be 4. She's developed a bit of a temper and at the word 'No', will scream and hit something in anger. This leads me to believe she doesn't get told 'No' enough. She's been fighting her evening bedtime routine a bit. Probably because Sean and I have been fighting the elimination of DUN DUN DUN....nap time. Last week when Sean went into her room for the kazillionth time she said, "I keep trying to go to sleep dad, but my eyes...they just keep opening."

I remember over 4 years ago when the doctor proclaimed my due date with Alex. I believe it was May15th or 16th and I was hit with the frightening realization that she would in fact be a Taurus...just like her daddy. For all you Taurus's out there, this is not to be taken as an insult but the two Taurus's *I* live with, the good also comes with power struggles, stubborness, & a built in defense mechanism.

97% of the time, Alex is sweet natured, loving, affectionate, polite and just an overall joy. She loves to read and be read to. She LOVES art and has taken to 'cutting' know, with Scissors. She cuts up magazines, coloring books, & paper. I think I've strained my back in stopping every few feet, leaning over and picking up small scraps of paper but it's keeping her occupied. She's currently in both Swimming lessons and Gymnastics. Her Gymnastics instructor claims she is the star pupil and takes it VERY seriously. She pays attention and does whatever is asked and always has big stories to tell when she gets home. I have a feeling she's going to be an excellent student just like her dad. Speaking of big stories and tall tales, she's also begun to 'embellish' the truth here and there. In other words, making up stuff for shock value. I'd like to think this is only a sign of a nice and healthy 'active imagination'. It's partly cute, partly scary for what's to come down the road and partly makes me so dang nervous as to what she tells other people when we aren't around to defend ourselves or call her out on these 'fibs'.

For Christmas this year, Alex is asking for a 'Dolly'. This as opposed to all the 'babies' she has. "It's different", she says. She's also had her eye on a plastic pink vanity set that includes a doll head and makeup tray to dress up. I wonder if she'll understand when Santa doesn't pull through for her leaving her only a nice little note in her stocking that says, 'Sorry kid, your house is too cluttered. Better luck next year'.

Ian is 17 months! His vocabulary has really improved over the last few weeks. He is routinely saying 'Momma' and can repeat most of what you ask him to say. He's currently working on his last few teeth which hasn't been at all pleasant. I will not be sad to say goodbye to the waking in the night, the constant drool and persistent whine "eeehhhh eeehhhh'. I feel for him, I do but now that the excitement has worn off, that he has teeth and oohhh, aren't they cute? I just want it to be over. He's all about Mr. Potato head right now. He'll sit and play alone for an hour putting an ear into the mouth hole or eyes where the feet go. He doesn't care what it looks like in the end, but I can see he's going to be highly mechanical like my Dad which I'm thrilled about. You can see it in his eyes, he isn't playing so much as he's trying to figure it out. If I need to distract him at any moment all I have to say is, "Where are your potatoes?" and he goes sprinting into the play room to dump out the large bin of potato parts.

The kid is obsessed with brushing his teeth, and is now climbing onto everything. He can scale the kitchen chairs, the piano bench, and the couch before I can even get to him. He's recently been mimicking his sister and while I'm cooking dinner, wants to pull a chair over and climb up to watch.

Those that know him won't be surprised when I say Ian is CRAZY. He's just a crazy person. Everything he does is big. He talks big, screams big, laughs big, smiles big, hurts big. His head is big, his hands (or paws) are HUGE and when asked how old he is people are shocked when I tell them he's 17 months old. Sometimes I feel sad for him because he still is very much a baby to me. Strangers assume by his size he should talk in full sentences or recite the alphabet. And frankly, the post pardum excuse isn't working for me anymore as I carry my 30+ pound (baby).

He's broken three ornaments so far, and massacred my favorite Santa figurine. This morning Sean emailed me the below photo with a caption along the lines of 'Won't be surprised if Santa doesn't visit Ian this year'. And oh, sorry about your blood (red paint) stained walls that also suffered from the beating of dear ole St. Nick. Just the other night, we found him charging at the tree with a roll of wrapping paper. He was either trying a go at pole vaulting, or saw a spider and was protecting his mommy.

This last weekend marks the first 'strip himself naked' episode of what I'm sure will be many more to come. I found him naked from the waste down upon getting him up from nap. Luckily no bodily excrements happened between the time he managed to get his diaper off and when I found him but surely that will only last so long. Whenever we get the kids ready for bath, and take off their clothes since they were wee babies I've sung a little diddy...'Naked body! Naked body!' Well, Ian has taken this ritual to a new level and now, bare naked will dance a number while spanking his behind. THIS he came up with all on his own and I promise to get a video soon. You won't want to miss it. He's quite a mommy's boy these days, it has Sean's feelings a little hurt but we all know these kids go back and forth. Right now, it just happens to be me. When he's hurt? Only I can soothe him and during a family tickle fest the other night Ian stood screaming in the corner pointing at Sean and demanding he stop 'tormenting' mommy. My little protector. His occasional tantrums include flailing, whipping his head back, hitting his head on things and throwing himself on the floor in fits. He's came close to breaking my nose twice and has left me with bruises that are surely leading my co-workers to wonder what exactly my home life is all about.
I can't believe how old my babies are getting. I'm happy & I'm sad. I love to see their growth but am beginning to miss that feeling of cradling them in my arms. I sometimes wonder if another baby is in the cards for me. I already have HER name picked out. But, at this point in our lives, I do believe the two of us are at maximum capacity. We muddle through our days the best we can never feeling like the best employee, house keeper, parent or spouse. It's in neither of our natures to be less than 100% at everything we do so it's a bit of an inner struggle but as long as we have these two people making us laugh like they do I figure we'll be ayight...cluttered house and all.

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Lily and Addie make four said...

Cluttered house and all, you are describing my life. To prove it, I may just copy and paste a few things into my blog that you have already eloquently and hilariously documented for me, as you describe my two daughters. Mr Potato Head, Teeth Brushing,'s all there, umm, here. Thank you for being less than perfect with me, far less. And still trying hard. You are a great person, mother, wife...even though you want to me more. Wanting to be more is part of what makes you so good. I'm SO glad you are in my life. Thanks for writing the update blog for me, one less thing on my list!