Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day(s)

Arctic Blast 2008 has hit the Portland Metropolitan Area. The 'dramatic' coverage and STORM TEAM updates are getting old, the cabin fever is setting in and the kids...are restless.

I'm working from home today. Evidently, 'Stormageddon' is hitting us again and Sean took the good car leaving me with 'BALDY' our Accord with treadless tires. I guess if I go get in line now at Les Schwabb I just may get new tires and get home tonight in time for 'Private Practice'. Sean and I have tickets to a Blazer game tonight which makes me so MAD! They are great tickets and we've been looking forward to this for weeks and here we find ourselves 'playing it by ear' in hopes the roads don't turn into one giant ice cube.

The last few days we've kept mostly indoors. We've taken the kids out in spurts but they are still a bit young to really truly enjoy frozen hands and noses. Alex despite some good fun with the sled and making snow angels has taken issue with snow getting between her gloves and her coat. Ian, whom we've bundled up to look just like Randy from a Christmas Story enjoyed it for 5 minutes and then resorted to crying, arms stuck out, with a snotcicle forming on the tip of his nose.

I think I've exhausted all options for indoor play. Play-Doh, art projects, blocks, coloring, Memory & Candyland. I yearn to run errands, finish my shopping, or to drive around needlessly as the kids sit content in their carseats.

I became so desperate, I organized the toyroom and got rid of the old to bring in the new. I threw away McDonalds happy meal toys (obviously brought over by other children as our kids never eat there) and any other worthless, bottom of the foot puncturing items that I'm tired of picking up. I even tore apart my downstairs, re-arranged some furniture only to realize my house is too small and my furniture too big for any changes. I'm now on a mission to sell my couch for a smaller more practical item for this cramped space I've evidently spent too much time in this week.

We had an injury of note this week. Sean slipped and fell. Now you may assume this was done outside, on the icy terrain while taking out the trash cans or checking the mail. Well no. It was actually done indoors...in the kitchen...while teaching our accident prone 1 1/2 year old how to run and slide in his socks. I took it upon myself to clean my floors on Monday and evidently it created a smooth and dangerous surface free of dried encrusted cheerios and flung dinner parts by Ian....which resulted in this tragedy. Sean is fine, he suffered only incessant laughter and teasing from his wife who is known to find falling ridiculously hilarious.

This morning I came to the realization that there may be a varmant living in our dryer vent and Ian yanked on the dishwasher rack, pulling the entire unit out of the counter. I'm now going to go start the dishwasher in hopes that water does not spray everywhere. Evidently our kitchen floor is already slick enough.

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Lily and Addie make four said...

Working from home with kids...HA...that's a good one. You are funny. Besides stealing your kiddo update, I will also be steeling snotsicle. Seriously your brain has been working overtime on the funny!