Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Office: Part I

We just passed our 1 month mark in our new house. Time sure fly's when your busy as hell. I think we've managed to eliminate all the boxes and are now left with random piles of things I have no idea why we moved them to begin with. I'm sure we'll find a home for everything one day.

I have this amazing vision of this house that is itching to get out, but time is limited with my schedule and with MAYBE an hour a day after the kids go to bed to work on anything it will be slow moving. BUT, I have progress. And here it is.

I decided to start with Sean's office. Mainly because it houses all our personal effects, paperwork, and if that's organized then our life feels so. Plus, he works from home a lot and I wanted him to have this space. With the hours he puts in, he deserves it.

So here we have before. Tan grasscloth wallpaper, gold track lighting, cords everywhere, overall blah yeah?

and now...

I still have moldings to replace and install and one day, one day a long long time from now the carpet will be replaced with wood floors. But this is improvement enough for me.

For now.

I also have a small pile of items not yet hung. These items I promised Sean he could display in 'his room'. But this late in the game, I'm just not seeing that they 'go'. I'm sure we can find a nice wall in the garage.

Paint: Benjamin Moore; dark harbor. Light Fixture: West Elm. Painting by a talented friend Tasha Bartley.*Everything else travelled with us in the move. 

A special thanks to Anna Labedz for her laborous assistance in applying many coats of primer, because that sucked.

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Alabedz said...

It is gorgeous Carrie!! Loved every minute we got to spend together sniffing paint fumes and wondering why in the heck I was feeling so light headed. :) What's next?????