Wednesday, March 3, 2010

$#&@, $%*@, and every other swear word.

This is the lovely, custom built doghouse we had built.

This is the lovely & unique gate we had built for the large area of our yard we've transformed into a dog run.

This is our SOAB dog amongst his newly laid 6 yards of cedar chips.

And this is the hole the SOAB punched in our back gate today.

To get to this lovely vacant, mud pit of a field behind us.

And $100 shelter fee seemed like a bargain. I will not be using any of this for his craiglist ad.

1 comment:

Mandy said...

I'll feel sorry when I quit cracking up!! You truly kill me! The best part were the labels...Chip, SOB, waste of money. I'm laughing out loud! Oh, but I truly am sorry. You're not really selling him...haven't you seen "Marley and Me" - he completes your family! Good luck