Sunday, February 28, 2010

I love Dirt

He looks so sweet and innocent doesn't he? Sitting there all quiet and introspectively on his soccer ball? Pictures can be deceiving.

Getting Ian ready for bed usually takes 39 minutes, the use of muscles I didn't know I had, a Cradle (not the loving & rocking kind, but the wrestling kind), and oftentimes an ice pack...for me.

And that is just to get his pajamas on.

I've taken to starting conversations with him to distract him from flailing, kicking and flip flopping like a fish out of water. Today I said to him, "I love your face", and the following transpired:

Ian: I love you Mommy!

Moi: Who else do you love?

Ian: Daddy.

Moi: Do you love Alex?

Ian: No...(long pause) but I love dirt.

Moi: Well what is your most favorite thing in the whole world?

Ian: Nanna...(long pause) and Hot Dogs.

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