Sunday, March 8, 2009

"C'mon Mom! It's game time at the Camp!"

Well, well, well. The sun is out and I'm feeling bloggy. I'm also feeling groggy. Daylight savings has wreaked havoc on our household. I've found myself stumbling through the hallway two days in a row now at 4 am pleading with Ian to please go back to bed, 'No, it's NOT time to get up'. This morning he cried for 1 hour and ten minutes before I stepped in the shower to drown out his plea's. EVERY TIME we change our clocks we go through this upheaval of disorientation in our house. Some kids don't bat an eye, but ours? OF COURSE as my dear friend Gina always says, 'if it can happen, it'd happen to the Kolmers'. True True.

I'm beginning to get the spring fever bug. I want to clean everything, I want to throw crap out, and I want to plant flowers-many of them. So this last weekend I began the large feat and item #1 on my spring fever list, of painting over all the blemishes to my newly painted kitchen cabinets. I spent countless, seriously COUNTLESS hours sanding, priming and painting these cabinets and after just months they are scattered with red & blue scuff marks from the kids ride on toys that (as soon as the sun graces us with it's glorious presence for more than two days at a time) will be tossed outside. This project was actually the result of a project of Alex's. Last week, she also found these blemishes discouraging and put giant strips of blue painters tape over them. Because, that looked better. "Look mom, you can hardly see the marks anymore. I fixed it." So, to avoid hurting her precious feelings, I made it a game on Monday by having her remove the tape so I could paint. And hey, Ian only smeared off half of my hard work.

Ian, dear Ian. He got two boo boo's this week. We've been calling him Rocky Balboa as he had his first giant black eye. He also pulled down the cordless drill from the kitchen cabinet and thank god he took it in the cheek and not his eyeball. Lesson learned on that one..please don't call social services. His lesions really go well with all the new sounds he's making. He's developed a new adoration and love for both Elmo and Cookie Monster. While getting better at knowing and saying his animal sounds. He now has Cow 'Mooo', Duck "Cluck", and Cookie Monster "Raaawwwlllll".

Alex has said some serious funnies this week! Earlier this week, I became claustrophobic with her room. It has become inundated with princess paraphernalia, dress up, dolls, barbies, and books. It looks (although cutely decorated and frilly) like a high end goodwill at times. I decided to slim down things I thought she would never notice were gone. One item in particular was a set of creepy glass cats my mom passed down to her. They are nice enough, pink, cute to any little girl but frankly, cats freak me out and 90% of the time I'd walk into her room and check them like, 'Are they staring at me?'. So they were the first to be evicted. I put them in the hall closet until I could gather enough items for a goodwill run and shut the door. Be gone cats. A few nights ago, I opened the closet to get Ian a bath towel and gosh darn it Alex saw the cats. "MOM, (and with a big disgusted eye roll), I can't believe it. You can't put those in there, THEY ARE PART OF MY FAMILY!" I diluted the situation by telling her I put them in the cleaning closet for a good cleaning and look! Shiny and new, let's put them back in your room. Bleh.

I accidentally bought her two new swimsuits for swim class. Okay, not really 'accidentally'. They were cheap, TARGET SPECIALS and what girl doesn't need options? Anyway, she was talking to my mom about her new swimsuits and my mom asked her why I bought her so many. Alex's reply, 'I don't know...I guess my mom thought I had two bodies'.

And the other night, to spice up the dinner/play hour I decided we'd have a picnic on the living room floor. I pretended we were 'camping out'. I laid down a blanket and we ate our dinner. The kids were pumped...they felt very privileged and although I didn't eat much amidst picking up flung corn dogs and peas I was glad to have 'mixed it up' a bit. Later, after Jammie's were on and Ian was in bed as is the routine every night, Alex was asked what she'd like to do in her private time with Mom & Dad. Her reply, "I wanna play a Mommy-Daddy Game". Which means either Candyland, Memory, or Old Maid. And when I didn't 'hop to' she yelled, 'C'mon Mom!!! It's game time at the camp!. It sounded exactly like me saying "C'mon Alex, it's time to go", or "C'mon Alex, I mean it!". Oh, I'm going to have my work time cut out for ME in a few years!

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