Friday, April 13, 2012


blogging has dropped off my radar. i have moved from 'blogging as an outlet to relieve stress and organize thoughts' to 'i have no time for stress relief'.

also, our computer is old and memory capped and i can no longer download photos off my camera. so in an effort to clean off old photos, i started a project awhile back and finally finished.

as mothers and fathers, we love our kids unconditionally. but i think you'd be lying to yourself and the world if you couldn't admit you love them just a little bit more when they are peacefully sleeping. 

we've been blessed with two pretty good sleepers. one in particular an amazing car sleeper. as soon as the car lurches into drive and the hum of the freeway fills the car. our ian, is out. 

here is a small (a very small) sampling of photos I have snapped over the years.

After a long day of boating on the river

Christmas Tree hunting is hard!

Easter Egg Hunts can wipe you out

Cheetoh eating = HARD

Disneyland wipeout

trick or treating can take it out of ya

birthday parties are energy suckers

Lollie Pops are a lot of work

Karate is exhausting
beach trips are so draining

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Jenny said...

Awesome post. I love how Ian is holding something in every picture. So awesome.