Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mass Picture Dump, aka (no time to blog catch up but lots to show)

what we have here is; a failure to communicate. well sort of. i basically have ABOUT a month of photos from my iphone some of which are blog worthy, some of which are not. i have neither the time nor the energy to blog about all the wonderful events of the month and we are going out of town this weekend so i need to do this so i can breath and leave with only a million and one other things to do when i get back.

so here goes, these are the days of our lives.

Sean proclaims, 'show mom your superhero pose!' and nobody does it but him. Also, do not fear, my kids are not homeless. They just chose their own outfits and we failed to brush our hair this day.

the winner is!

a pose with our finished christmas tree

a much needed girls weekend in seattle with two of my besties

the beautiful newport bridge

beer flights at rogue brewery makes for a happy dude

alex watches the sea lions

all i can say here is this photo single handedly explains their individual personalities

ian (aka popeye) makes for a memorable family photo

nanna & poppop pose with the kids


ian doesn't buy my, 'pilgrims totally ate nutella and toast' bit.

dog and pooch spoon on the couch

pooch judges mom's thanksgiving week wine habit

love him when he's sleeping and relatively unable to injure himself

ian experiments with his sense of style and fails. as does mom's housekeeping duties. pay no attention to the background.

nola and alex running towards pinkalicious!

mommy daughter picture pose before the show

alex and mommy pose before pinkalicious. in true fashion, ian kills it with an epic photo bomb.

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