Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Conversations with little people...

M: Alex, what's your favorite thing about soccer?
A: My outfit.

M: Ian, where is this whiny voice coming from all of a sudden?
I: My mouth.

M: Ian, are you so excited to start your new school?
I: No, my new friends will wreck my buildings, step on my toes, and scratch my butt.

A: Mom, when will I need to wear one of those 'booby things' (bra)?
M: Not for awhile, when your older like me.
A: You mean when my butt gets bigger and I need to wear hats?
M: Yes, I guess so.

M: Alex, tell me your favorite thing about Kindergarten.
A: I had two recesses
M: Did you meet any new friends?
A: Yes, five of them.
M: What are their names?
A: I have no idea.
M: You should ask them tomorrow and start by saying, "My name is Alex, what is your name?" because they probably want to know your name too.
A: There is no talking when the teacher is talking.
M: That is good attention to the rules, maybe you could ask at one of your recess breaks.
A: That's when I swing.
M: Well okay, suit yourself and have nameless friends.
A: We don't need to know names, we just play.

M: Ian, eat your dinner
I: I can't, my tummy is up to here (he puts his hand on his forehead).
M: Well, that is too bad. If your tummy is up to your forehead than you have no room for a Popsicle.
I: But my leg hurts.

(A brief pause)

I: I think my tummy is only up to here (he puts his hand on his thigh) and there is room for Popsicle in my foot.
M: Then you should have room for dinner.
I: My leg hurts.

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