Thursday, November 6, 2008

Introducing the next Alicia Keys

Alex LOVES music. She loves to sing. I'm embarrassed to say her favorite songs are "Oops I did it again"-Britney Spears, "Bleeding Love"-Leona Lewis & my personal favorite "Dangerous"-Kardinal Officiall (feat: Akon) which she only heard once before I realized that wasn't for little ears.

Anyway, she loves her Wee Sing and Play CD and has taken to enjoying the piano. Enjoy.

Below is a picture of Ian in his Halloween Costume. I couldn't think of what he should be...and then I saw it. Hanging on the top rack in the Target Halloween Mecca. It called to me and with all hopes this will fit him next year too. Yoda is brushing his teeth in this picture but the little boy within the Yoda is addicted to his toothbrush and can rarely be found without it.


Lily and Addie make four said...

Where did she even HEAR "Oops I did it again?" Bad Mama!

Carrie said...

Um, actually. She heard that on her Barbie Keyboard she got for Christmas last year. It was one of the programmed songs! Can you believe it? Naughty or not, it's still so dang cute when she sings the words all wrong. So take it up with mattel lady!